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Apartment for rent in Discovery Complex

Once Discovery complex Residence was handed over and operated in the last quarter of 2018, it makes the leasing apartment in Cau Giay area becomes “super hot” with total 500 apartments (inside around 200 apartment for rent) with size from 86 – 210 sq.m / 2 – 4 bedrooms have been finished with full furniture and basic furniture.

 Update the latest listing apartments for rent in Discovery Complex

Hotline Mr. Tuệ – 0934 363 998

No.Number of FloorLiving Area
Number of BedroomsFurnished/unfurnishedPrice
111962Basical Furniture14
2411483Basical Furniture22
3311102Full Furniture23
416962Full Furniture22
5121102Full Furniture24
619962Full Furniture27
710952Basical Furniture13
8191012Basical Furniture12
9191102Full Furniture20
109942Basical Furniture13
11101002Full Furniture19
1211862Full Furniture18
13121483Full Furniture30
14121102Full Furniture23
1514962Basical Furniture15
16141553Full Furniture35
1716952Full Furniture17
18161102Basical Furniture15
19171102Basical Furniture15
20171553Full Furniture26
2118862Basical Furniture14
2219862Full Furniture26
23191373Full Furniture40
24191453Full Furniture35
2519872Full Furniture22
2620942Basical Furniture14
27201373Basical Furniture19
28211102Full Furniture22
2922962Full Furniture20
3022962Full Furniture24
31221333Full Furniture34
3223942Full Furniture17
33231102Full Furniture18
34231102Full Furniture25
3524962Full Furniture28
3626962Basical Furniture15
37261453Full Furniture30
38271553Basical Furniture23
39271483Basical Furniture22
40281573Full Furniture35
41291553Full Furniture40
42291553Full Furniture33
43291483Full Furniture22
44301653Full Furniture30
45311333Full Furniture33
46311473Full Furniture35
47322104Basical Furniture35
48322104Basical Furniture30
49332104Basical Furniture30
50331653Basical Furniture23
51331453Basical Furniture25
52331653Full Furniture40
53351473Full Furniture35
54361453Full Furniture32
55371483Full Furniture3-
56401553Basical Furniture22
57401453Basical Furniture20
58401483Full Furniture36
59431433Basical Furniture23
60441573Full Furniture35
61451433Full Furniture36
62461553Basical Furniture33

Prime Location of Discovery Complex

Discovery Complex project is situated the convenient location where is a cross of # 302 Cau Giay and Chua Ha Street, Dich Vong Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi (in the west of Hanoi). Discovery Complex has a lot of advantage from main road, easy accept by open leading way from other directions like Cau Giay way, Chua Ha also. It is conveniently near the range of common facilities of Cau Giay district such as schools (Cau Giay Primary School, Nghia Tan Secondary School, Cau Giay High School ); hospital (Cao Cao General Hospital, 198 Hospital); park (Cau Giay Park, Nghia Do Park); Tourist sites (Museum of Ethnology) and the high railway of the city (Start from Nhon to Hanoi Railway Station).


Discovery Complex’s amenities

Discovery complex Residence provides for expats perfect services and amenities like; Olympic swimming pool, Fitness Center, Massage and Spa service. Supermarket, cinema BHD 7th floor, Banks, Foot Area, Complex of the commercial area, International Kindergarten…etc.

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