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Real Estate Vietnam 2020 really standing still?

Vietnam’s real estate market in 2020 is almost “immobile” due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, but this tranquility will not last long when investment opportunities in real estate in Vietnam are promising. prospered because our country is responding very well to epidemics.

Overview of Vietnam’s real estate situation in 2020

It can be said that the period of more than the first half of 2020 is a “dark journey” for the Vietnamese economy in general and the real estate market of Vietnam in particular. In which, the segment most heavily affected is real estate for rent and resort, followed by the office segment, the housing market is not “immune”.

For the rental real estate market, the COVID-19 translation has accelerated the transition from traditional shopping to online shopping, causing this market to “get hit” quickly. Social stretches and a sense of health protection have changed the way customers shop. Instead of the store experience, customers have switched to using technology applications, leading to a series of business premises in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City offers discounts or signs for rent, even closed because there are no customers. However, after the epidemic got under control, the number of people visiting shopping malls or retail spaces also started to increase and showed signs of recovery, although this level is still lower than before COVID- 19.

Căn hộ the Marq

With the tourism and resort real estate, some segments such as luxury real estate, luxury resort real estate and services that depend on foreign tourists are strongly affected. The good sign is that, after months of the tourism industry almost “closed”, the “thirst” for domestic tourism is prompting followers to look for new places in the country, even familiar destinations. Belonging also brings a completely new feeling after a long period of isolation.

A Travel Advisory Council (TAB) survey in September 2020 with more than 1,000 participants recorded that more than 20% of people wanted to travel between December 2020 and January 2021, at the time of Christmas and New Year. 12.4% plan to travel on the Lunar New Year, from February to April 2021, 18.2% of people want to travel on a summer vacation (from May to September 2021) and only 8, 1% of people think they will travel later.

Office real estate almost fell into the “hibernation” phase in the first half of 2020. However, experiencing two major social gaps at the end of Q1 and in the third quarter of 2020, Vietnam witnessed demonstrated good translation control ability, bringing positive signals to the supply of projects and real estate transaction products. When 34.6 thousand enterprises returned to operation, an increase of 25.5% over the same period in 2019 according to Starlake Villa, followed by an increase in demand for office real estate; proves the importance of this type of real estate in Vietnam, although CEOs have a “more open” view of working remotely.

The housing market alone is showing gradual “warm” signs. Data from the Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Association (VARs) report showed that the total number of housing products sold on the market in the third quarter reached 73,933 units compared to the other two quarters of the year.

After nearly 12 months of looking back, accompanied by challenges caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam’s real estate market still holds great potential for development, attracting many domestic and foreign investors above all. segment. Besides emerging as a safe country, with many effective anti-epidemic measures, the best thing investors can see in Vietnamese real estate is an investment that delivers long-term returns. . Many investors also said that the COVID-19 translation has brought new trends and opportunities for the real estate industry. For example, the trend of stay-in-place tourism (staycation) is blooming, being a “support” for the resort real estate market, helping hotel and resort operators “hold on” in a difficult period due to COVID. -19 cause. Since then, the models of inner-city resorts, hotels focus on architectural design, healthcare resorts, complex resorts with unique entertainment, culinary experiences or weekend resorts are the main opportunities. Promising opportunities to attract investors.

In anticipation of this potential, many domestic and foreign real estate developers, especially the giants in the industry, have implemented a series of resort projects across the country. Not out of the race, Grace World Real Estate Group – a new name in the field of real estate investment and development has appeared with many notable projects. Grace World’s orientation is to become a leader in high-end coastal resort real estate, middle and high-end urban apartments … in parallel with business development in the financial and construction sectors. to build a solid position for the long-term development of the group.

One of the advantages that help Grace World confidently enter the real estate market during this period is its strong financial potential, with the support of many large and well-known investors in the financial sector, real estate. Grace World also does not hide its ambition to conduct an IPO in 2021.

The corporation’s development orientation follows the multi-industry trend, but Grace World still focuses on deep development in each industry, the main product suitable for each moment. With the guideline “Value investment, creating future”, Grace World has promoted cooperation agreements with leading international partners in the field of design, construction, real estate management. This is a commitment to quality for all projects as well as the highest standards that Grace World wants to bring to customers and investors.

Catching up with real estate trends, especially high-end resort real estate in the “new normal” period from COVID-19 translation, Grace World has accelerated the search and ownership of large, favorable land bank center, East, West, South areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Creating a premise for Grace World to develop a 6-star standard resort project. This will also be the first step on the path of realizing Grace World’s “Reaching the Sea” ambition in the fields that this business participates in.

The tips when finding an apartment for rent with inexperienced people

The tips when finding an apartment for rent with inexperienced people

Finding a pleasant apartment with good rent is very difficult. Especially for first-time renters who are inexperienced. Here are some notes to know when renting an apartment for the first-time tenant.

The article will be divided into 3 main sections:

  • Before coming to see the apartment.
  • When to see the apartment.
  • Notes to know when making a contract to rent an apartment.
  • Before finding the address to rent an apartment

The first thing to do before coming to see the apartment is to call the landlord. And confirm the person you are contacting is the owner of the apartment in Ho Chi Minh city or broker. If the person you are contacting is the host, ask for some basic information. Specifically: the address of the apartment, the rent, average electricity, water per month, service charges of the building …

On the other hand, if the person you are contacting is a broker, you should ask for the service fee (if any) when taking the tour to your home. You can also ask for a broker to pay a service fee if you rent a house.

Note more about brokerage service fees. Usually, the broker will provide you with a housing search contract. There is a refund policy if the house cannot be found within the specified time (usually 10 days) from the date of signing.

Go to the live view before renting an apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City we need:

When looking at an apartment, you should pay attention to the direction of the house, the number, and location of windows in the apartment. How is the surrounding landscape, the environment is clean and quiet … To ensure a comfortable, comfortable living space and suitable for your apartment rental needs.

The electricity and water system of the apartment you want to rent is an important point to check next. If possible, you should seek assistance from experienced people to rent an apartment to check.

Try moving from the Vinhomes Central Park apartment to your workplace and family members to estimate distance. This will also help you visualize the traffic situation in this area or not. In addition, you should also pay attention to the distance from the apartment you want to rent to the commercial center. Or markets, bus stations, hospitals, schools …

Before deciding to rent an apartment, you should take the time to see the house at different times to better understand the living environment there. For example, if the location of the apartment is in the direction of getting more sunlight, you may have to spend some cooling to stay home at those times.

Important considerations when making an apartment rental contract

Verify the landlord: You should ask the landlord to show ID, certificate of ownership of the apartment. Or check the tax return or photocopy of the registration to confirm the real status of the apartment tenant. Or is the second owner. If you are the second owner, you must request a contract with the main owner. Find out if a lease is strictly prohibited for someone else.

Rent: When will the rent be paid? How long is the lease term (preferably full day month year)? What is the method of paying rent? If the long-term lease can negotiate a reduction in rent?

Deposit: How much is the deposit? When can I not rent an apartment in Vinhomes Central Park and get a refund?

Other costs: How are electricity and water charges calculated? Who is paying for internet, cable TV, service – operation – maintenance fees? In addition, you should check the electricity and water before moving in. Make sure the amount you pay in the star month is calculated correctly.

The thing to notes when making an apartment rental contract

Termination of the lease: Vinhomes Central Park apartment for rent period has not expired but do not want to rent anymore, how much notice? Is there an agreement on liability for breach of contract (early termination of the lease)? What is the time to refund the deposit (if any)? On the other hand, when the landlord takes back his house, he will have to notify the tenant in a certain amount of time. Besides, there must be clearly defined compensation when the contract is terminated ahead of time.

Household appliances: What furnishings and homeowners provide, how do they use them? For the current devices are not good, you should take photos as evidence to avoid trouble later.

Special constraints: Understand that the landlord has any special restrictions? For example, are pets allowed?

If the content of the apartment rental contract has a repair place. The two sides need to seal or sign together to avoid future disputes.

Luxurious villa for rent in Vinhomes Riverside


This is one of the most luxury and huge villa for rent in Hanoi City. The villa is extraordinary large with the total area of 125 sqm x 3,5 floors and the rental price of 4000$/month, this is undoubtedly and ideal villa for your family . It included four bedrooms, four bathrooms, one kitchen next to the living room, a big front yard. Moreover, the main color is white from the furniture and walls that is why the apartment looks so dazzling and gorgeous.

  1. The living room:

– Extremely beautiful thanks to the smart and elegant design of high-brand furniture as well as marble floor and  the charming white wall.

– It’s incredibly spacious and bright because of a big and dreamy floor-to-ceiling window, exquisite ceiling lights as well as dark curtains. This living room is fully equipped with a big, comfortable bright color sofa, a wooden drink table, two small wooden chairs right next to the table, TV cabinet, LCD TV, two showcases.

  1. The open kitchen:

-Included many essential appliances: induction hob, kitchen hood, built-in oven, 2-door refrigerator, sink, white abinets, filter water. All are in paramount quality.

– A lovely, wooden dining table for 8 people.

– Many floor-to-ceiling windows provide a lot of fresh air and sunshine into the dining area.

  1. Four bedrooms:

– Four bedrooms have different sizes. All of them equipped with a high-brand king sized bed, breath- taking ceiling light, wardrobes, lovely windows, wooden floor.

– All of the bedrooms have a fascinating en-suite bathroom with bathtub, cabinet.

– All of them have a balcony as well as a floor-to – ceiling window from where customers can enjoy the romantic view of the river at night as well as fresh air and sunshine flown into the bedrooms.

  1. Four bathrooms:

– All the bathrooms are clean and provide with many high-brand pieces of equipment such as beautiful bathtub, elegant glass walk-in shower, marble floor and wall.

-These bathrooms are jaw-dropping and will bring customers absolute relaxation after a long, hard-working day.

  1. A stunning front yard:

– It’s so peaceful and serene with luscious green grass and big shading tree.

– Crowds of children would swarm to this local paradise to partake in fun and exciting childhood games such as the legendary Mother May I and Freeze Tag. The older women would gather around the brown wooden picnic table and gossip about juicy family and community matters. The men would assemble around the old metal card table to enjoy a good game of spades.

  1. Some more information about the villa:

Vinhomes Riverside is a product of the famous brand Vingroup. With the credo: “For a better life for the customers “, Vingroup has designed fitness centers, cinemas, an amazing dining area, tennis courses, golf courses, international schools, 24/24 security, Vinmec international hospital system.

This property is worth to make a view, do not hesitate to contact us Alpha Housing for more details!



A two double bedroom apartment set within the ever popular of Cau Giay area. The property is in good condition throughout and comprises a spacious living room, separate fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom suite and two double bedrooms. Further benefits include wooden flooring throughout, Air-Conditioner central Hot/Cold and secure entry phone system. The apartment is situated moments from both Cau Giay and Ba Dinh Area. It is easy to get to Downtown and Noi Bai Airport.

The apartment has total 110 sq.m, located on high floor of Discovery Complex Cau Giay Street. Almost size for using inside like living room, bedroom and dining area. But the apartment has also large balcony stretch from living room to master bedroom where you can see overall Hanoi City view and relax after an exhausted day at work.​


Beside: Discovery complex has been finished all amenities for customer like swimming pool, Fitness central, restaurants, bank, coffee shop, super market… etc

We has tens year of experience in Housing Hunter in Hanoi, We believe that can make sastified all your requirement. For more information please contact us NOW or click

Three bedroom apartment for rent in Discovery Complex


We offer you  brand-new apartment in Discovery Complex, # 302 Cau Giay Street, with the total area of 155 sqm, comprising of three bedrooms, two bathroom, one spacious living room + open plan kitchen with full of modern furniture and equipments.


Once step inside this unit, you will feel comfortable and warm from first sight by beautiful colour and streamlined arrangement from a white shoe cabinet which designed carefully and harmony with the house’s color.

The apartment has a spacious living room come with bright and windy with a large floor-to-ceiling window on one side of the room, which provides a lot of natural light into your home. Moreover, the living room has a dark color sofa, drink table, Smart Tivi + TV Standing, and complex of luxurious decors.

There are three balconies inside this spacious apartment. One is next to the living room and the others are next to the bedrooms. All of them allowed sunshine and fresh air into the apartment as well as you can fully enjoy a beautiful, romantic street view at night.

Next to the living room is the dining space and closed kitchen. This luxury dining room is equipped with a modern dining table for 6 people and ceiling lamp. The furniture and the white color of the house make the room luxurious. In addition, the kitchen has a white cabinet, sink, inductive stove, refrigerator.

The three bedrooms have high-spec brand appliances like a big, comfortable bed, wardrobes and a large window.

All in all a spacious property with flexible accommodation which is in excellent order ready for a quality tenant, please call 0934.363.998 for a viewing or click  to view more similar propeties

Two bedroom apartment for rent in Discovery Complex


Brand-new apartment for rent in Hanoi City, located in Cau Giay Central, The apartment has total 110 sq.m, comprising of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one spacious living room to be next fitted kitchen area and large balcony. It has been finished full equipment throughout and flair with wooden floor.


We offer you a spacious and luxurious apartment for rent in Discovery Complex, situated at # 302 Cau Giay Street, Where can easily move to Hanoi other urban like Downtown, Ba Dinh, Thanh Xuan and Noi Bai Airport as well.

The apartment has a living room is quite large to be next balcony with tons of natural light and fresh air. The furniture is fully equipped with a modern sofa set, Smart TV and decor. It is next to open fitted kitchen with many storages and draws, The kitchen area was set up the electric stove, side-by-side fridge, over…etc.

This apartment contains 2 bedrooms which have full of natural light. Both of them have some common features like a bed, drawer, and a wardrobe.

Furthermore, bathrooms of this apartment are contained many modern interiors with luxurious design will give customers an amazing space to relax after a long hard-working day.

Check news apt for rent in Hanoi here

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